Leonardo Da Vinci

This idea of simplicity inspired us to base our company name simply on the letter ‘i”

  1. 1.- i.investment Management (iiM).

“i” represents the key concepts of our company’s philosophy.


iiM doesn’t try to be all things to all people.  We simply offer an exclusive service to a select group of hand-picked clients who are looking for something special.  We deliberately limit our client numbers so we can have a highly personalized relationship with each client, allowing us to actively manage our client’s wealth and provide custom-made solutions.  To us, every client is a ‘key client’.


We’re a completely independent company.  This gives us freedom to pick and choose the absolute best products and services available for our clients.  Unlike most large organizations, we’re not under any pressure to promote “product-of-the-month” and as a result, our advice is unbiased and always in our client’s best interests.


As a small business, we’re able to remain agile and not hamstrung by layers of bureaucracy and decision-making.  We’re free to respond quickly to market changes or trends and our time is focused exclusively on developing innovative solutions for our clients.

Our small but elite team has over 50 years combined experience in the industry and a unique range of skills and expertise... including wealth management, estate planning, direct equities, foreign exchange, corporate finance and real estate investment.


The team at iiM has worked extensively in Asia, Australia, USA and Europe.  This global network enables us to bring you powerful market insights and unique investment opportunities.

We have established strategic partnerships with UBS, Credit Suisse, Lombard Odier, Standard Chartered and BNP Paribas allowing us to securely custodize our client’s assets with a wide choice of global banks.  This also gives us access to multiple sources of research so we can quickly identify opportunities wherever they might be and provide our clients with the best investment advice possible.